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Culture and Wellbeing

Kuopio is a city where cultural history is valued and new works of art are created.

The summery Kuopio Dance Festival is one of the most unique and famous annual dance celebrations in the Nordic countries. The atmosphere of live rock can be experienced at the RockCock Festival near Kallavesi Lake, still in the heart of the city. Fall season’s ANTI Contemporaty Art Festival presents exciting and innovative works totally designed for public space and the Kuopio Film Festival Vilimit is the arena for Nordic films.

Big part of Finnish culture is also sports, in Kuopio you can do it all year around when enjoying local sports events. Part of the Kuopio´s culture is going to see local ice-hockey or football teams paying. In winter you can enjoy amazing ice-hockey team called KalPa and in summer relentless football team KuPS. Kuopio has unique combination of possibilities to keep your mind, soul and body in harmony of wellbeing.

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Kuopio offers busy city life and good training and education possibilities.

There are seven high schools and senior high schools. Also, there is opportunity to choose two degrees high school, depending on the circumstances you can choose the special high school as well.

Kuopio is a compact package of educational city where you can find Savo Consortium for Education and Savonia University of Applied Sciences. University of Eastern Finland is one of the biggest universities in Finland, working closely together with the university in Joensuu.

Depending on your passion for sports and doing sports in the mercy of education you could choose your educational path to take you to North-Savo sports academy, where your studies are modified to your active lifestyle.

Savonia University of Applied Sciences

University of Eastern Finland


In Kuopio there are many local companies looking for international talents to get in contact with. What companies have to offer is working on different projects or other longer term work opportunities. For that reason you should be active yourself, seek the possibilities to network and to be seen through different channels. Below there are some useful links to check out.


Healthcare services

Student healthcare service provides you with their help in Tulliportinkatu 15 I-door, 4th floor (entrance from Maaherrankatu side). Service hours (without reservation in advance) Monday – Thusday 8 am to 10:30 am and 11:30 am to 1 pm, and on Friday 8 am to 10:30 am only. Telephone hours (information, advices or appointment reservation) +358 447 186 570. Monday to Friday 8 – 9 am and Monday to Thursday12 to 13 pm.

University students can visit Niiralankatu 23, which is opened Monday- Thusday 8 am to 3 pm and on Friday 8 am to 2 pm. You can also call on 046 710 1076.

Student health care (Savonia)

University student healthcare (UEF)

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Main student housing offerors are Kuopas Oy and Tekman Tuki Ry. Tekman Tuki Ry is renting houses primary for students whose studies are connected with technology.

Also you can find some useful links below about guide maps, info about different levels of education in Finland and more knowledge about housing areas in Kuopio.

Kuopas Oy

Tekman Tuki ry


Day care and Education

Housing and Districts




Nature and environment

City of Kuopio is closely connected with nature. Even when designing the city area, it has been made very clear the importance of Väinölänniemi and Valkeisenlampi areas in city image. Parks in the centrum have positive impact on the people and on tourists. Since one third of the city area is covered with water it gives the feeling of living on the island.

The area is well-known for its nature and the possibilities to be close to the nature all year around. City of Kuopio has provided nature tracks, public cooking shelters, and campfire places, which can be used freely, but remember to make room for others, and keep the place clean after you are done using it.

Taking care of the environment has been a long tradition in Kuopio. The oldest and well-known environmentally protected area is Puijo`s woods. To protect and to preserve the nature is one of the key components in everyday life of planning and making decisions. Especially in Puijo area you can find many different outdoor activities to do during winter, for example slide, ski, snowboard or sky jump. In summer Kuopio is perfect place to take a walk, bike, run, swim, practice archery, golf, go boating, etc. Autumn is colourful and the surrounding woods offer you the opportunity to pick and taste berries and mushrooms. We cannot forget marketplace in city centrum, which brings people together, offers local production and brings life to the city all year around.

Kuopio offers indoor activities as well, for example, two public swimming pools, two indoor ice rinks and Kuopio-Halli where you can practice multiple activities. You can also find many private companies offering their services in the activity fields for example gyms, indoor climbing, dance courses and for the relaxation you could use the services of the spas. Kuopio is compact and includes everything you need to stay healthy and in movement.

Sports and Nature

Puijon torni


Public transportation

Highway number 5 from Helsinki takes you to Kuopio. Distance is about 400km and it takes approximately four hours to drive. If you take plane to Kuopio from Helsinki airport the flight will last 45 minutes.

Train is very comfortable and ecological solution to reach Kuopio in 4 to 5 hours. Train connections are extremely good and can take you to South Finland Joensuu, Tampere, Turku, and North of Finland Kajaani and Oulu, from Kuopio.

Public transportation is very well planned and keeps most of the cars away from the city centrum, which is more comfortable and easier for people who are on foot or with bike. All together it makes about 200 km of safe and good quality road for biking and walking in the Centrum.

Streets and Traffic

Kuopio`s public transport